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About our company

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We have over thirty five years’ experience working in Banking Law and selling financial products you could say we were once the game keepers and now we are the poacher. We deal with Banks and Vulture funds on a daily basis and we get results. The reasons behind our success are we know the game their playing and the dirty illegal tricks they use to repossess people’s family homes. These vulture funds are allowed to pay ridiculous low amounts for the loans they buy and demand repayments on the original value.

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We are very passionate about what we do and how we use our experience and knowledge in case Law.

We now have enough case law to take on any High street Bank or Vulture fund and prove your lender is hood winking you using illegal redacted documents as evidence in our courts and Judges accepting their word for it. There has been a couple of land -mark cases recently that has changed all that. The press or the media will never talk about this because these guys spend large budgets on advertising with them.

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Its our opinion and experience in dealing with Banks and Vulture funds on a regular basis we believe they have their own rule book unfortunately that rule book is written y them and they use it accordingly. They will mislead the courts when it suits them. We set out to full discovery of all documents regarding your mortgage contract and forensically examine those documents. Nothing shocks us or surprises us what we find in discovery.

To date we are very proud of our success rate in helping people fight the Banks and Vulture funds. Some clients who have come to us with a possession order in their hands. We have appealed those possession order to the High Court and had them overturned. We are proud to say we have done this more than once. We don’t put ourselves out there as miracle worker’s, however we are very proud of our knowledge and expertise in dealing with these organisations. We keep in constant contact with our client and keep them updated on all new case law. There is one sentence we use regularly in all our conversations Knowledge is power.

Over the years we have assembled hundreds of cases that were successful against banks and vulture funds. Between Case law and government legislation we can show you the correct strategy to take on your lenders. Hearsay doesn’t win court cases it has to be factual and thats where we share our knowledge. We tell all our clients knowledge is power and knowledge gives you confidence going forward. Banks and Vulture funds have a way of writing letters that scare people so much it is known to effect peoples mental health. Together we can beat them.


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