Total Irish Mortgage Accounts in Arrears *Sep’ 22


What our clients say

Questions that need to be addressed

Who owns your loan?

Were you offered the option to purchase your loan?

Did your lender ask your consent to sell your loan?

Did you consent for your lender to transfer their charge on your deed’s

What was the liquated sum the vulture fund pay for your loan

Is your receivership lawful and legal?

It’s never too late to stop a repossession order or reverse that order on appeal.
Did the receiver follow the proper legal procedures by the letter of the law.

Knowledge is power

We will show and demonstrate to you all your legal rights when dealing with vulture funds.

These vulture funds don’t always obey the rules and like to bend the rules in their favor. We like to share our knowledge using Supreme Court Case Law won against these vulture funds.

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Negotiate a Deal

In our 25 years of experience of dealing with financial institutions, they prefer to avoid a legal challenge of any kind that may cause embarrassment.

Once there is a proper legal challenge prepared and lodged against your vulture fund they have no choice but to do a deal that’s acceptable for both parties.

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Case Law Library

We hold an extensive library of case law won against Banks/ Vulture Funds and Receivers.

We share our knowledge in all situations and we have case references to match every situation. The more knowledge you have the less fear you have of these vulture funds.

We do not offer legal or financial advice however we can introduce you to lawyers and barristers we can recommend.

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