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European Directives are the new game changer and have become an expensive nightmare for all banks and vulture funds. The United Kingdom is in Euro land until 2019 so your European rights are protected retrospectively and up to 2019.

One European Directive to date have costs German banks 13 Billion Euros. This directive has been tested in high courts and supreme courts across different European countries and has come out winning every time. I believe 99% of all British citizens could use this directive to their advantage.

We have discovered many more Directives that you can use to your advantage. All courts and judges must respect these directives and European Law over rides constitutional law every time. All banks have been bullying people for too long and courts have allowed them to get away it. How many families have experienced suicide, marriage breakdown, from getting the aggressive letters and late night phone calls from the banks. I recently heard two solicitors talking about sending out the Friday letter, when I enquired they explained the letter were timed to land on your doormat on Friday. This timing meant that the receiver of that letter would be unable to contact any legal adviser until Monday to get advice which would mean they would spend the whole weekend stressed and worrying probably without any sleep.

This is 21st century Banking Practice liars, cheats, and fraudsters.

Are all Home Repossessions in Ireland illegal?

Some recent comments made by the Master of the High Court and a High Court judge confirmed what everyone else is thinking. According to High Court judge Noonan all circuit court registers and circuit court judges are not qualified and master of the High Court Edmund Honohan says that Government are allowing courts pump people into homelessness.

This poses a big question, were all the family homes that have been repossessed in the last number of years, done legally. According to two High Court Judges and European Directives these family homes should never have been repossessed. When you think of the hardship and drama these poor unfortunate people suffered, at the hands of these kangaroo courts, Marriage Breakdown, Suicide, Mental Health Problems, Depression.

Our mission at www.mortgagearrearsassist.com intend to make all Irish citizens aware of the legal rights and sue these Registers, Judges, Solicitors, and Banks. For a person to lose their family home the scares never leave them, the embarrassment and the shame, we know we meet these people every day. This was an abuse of process justice denied to Irish Citizens by the judiciary who were looking after the banks interest and screw the lay man. One wonders how they sleep at night.

I am a great believer in karma and the tables are about to turn, we have solicitors and barristers on board to sue these people and bring them to task. Ireland as a country is rotten to the core including Politicians, and Garda, as they helped with illegal evictions done by Sheriffs and bailiffs who had no legal right to repossess family homes. We have had to cross borders to find solicitors to act for these victims because it’s an unwritten rule in Ireland Solicitors don’t sue solicitors FACT.

Europe says Irish Judges are not Qualified

What shocking and distressing news that only 55% of Irish judges are trained in EU law. This hidden statement was released yesterday by European Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes. This means that the other 45% of untrained judges in Ireland are making life changing decisions with people life’s giving possession orders over their constitutionally EU protected family home. We have High Court Judges, Master of the High Court, and now a Fine Gael MEP shouting from the roof tops that Irish citizens are not getting fair justice.

Would the HSE allow 45% of their Doctors perform operations on patients using new Technology they weren’t trained to use? Our judiciary system in Ireland is out of date antiquated and is setting itself up for a lot of future lawsuits which ultimately will finish up being paid for by the tax payer. We said it before and we will keep saying it 95% of judgements in Ireland of family home repossessions are illegal FACT. As late as last week High Court Judge Noonan apologised to the public saying there wasn’t enough trained Judges to deal with the backlog of cases hence the anxiety its causing people.

We are allowing a kangaroo court system to operate in Ireland with untrained Judges and registers on the bench ignoring European laws because they are not properly trained and ignorant of EU Directives. The question we must ask ourselves, how many homes have been repossessed in Ireland by these untrained judges and registers. We know our Government and our minister for justice are aware of these problems however our government ministers are bending over backwards to help Banks and Vulture Funds grab homes illegally. We live in a banana republic.

Master turns on Vulture Funds

The master of the High Court has recently criticised Banks and Vulture Funds for not obeying rules and regulations laid down by our Central Bank and Government constitutional law in general.

In a recent case heard by the master it was found that these vulture funds dint pay stamp duty on the thousands of properties they transferred into their own names. One law for them and one law for us so to speak. We know that the maximum these vulture funds paid for your loan was maximum 19 cents in the euro and yet they refuse to pay stamp duty like all normal Irish citizens are legally bound to pay.

These vulture funds are breaking the law daily and our government just stands by and let them repossess family homes illegally. They ignore Irish Law and European Law. There is much the same to be said about our Courts and Judiciary system. It was revealed recently by Irish MEP Brian Hayes 55% of our judges are not qualified to hear family home repossession cases scary stuff. We hear daily about people being over charged on their mortgage interest payments that’s fraud committed by your lender.

It has been shown that all family homes in Ireland are repossessed in Circuit Courts who don’t have jurisdiction under the rateable valuation act. One wonders how many home have been illegally repossessed. Most if not all Civil Bills issued for possession are flawed and we see it daily. Our mission at www.mortgagearrearsassist.com is to empower people with knowledge and stand up for their rights against these Vulture Funds and Banks.

Are Vulture funds lame Ducks

Minster Michael Noonan welcomed vulture funds into Ireland with open arms and gave them total legal freedom to screw the people of Ireland. These Vulture funds have caused havoc to the lives of Irish families causing broken marriages, suicide, homelessness, the list goes on. All politications are compliant in helping these vultures funds operate their illegal bullying and intimidation on Irish mortgage holders , calling and texting people as late as 11 pm at night telling them to hand over the keys of their family home within seven days .

These Vulture funds ignore Circuit Court Rules when perusing families for possession of their property . As witnessed in Irish Circuit Courts on a daily basis we see registers aiding these vultures breaking the law by handing out illegal repossession orders ignoring their own rules. Our Circuit Court sessions are a game of roulette get the wrong judge or register on the day and they will hand out possession orders willy nilly justice denied illegal repossession orders FACT!!

People are starting to educate themselves thanks to people like the Hub_Ireland on how the court system works and are taking on these lenders head on. At www.mortgagearrearsassist.com we have been approached by a large UK firm of lawyers who are interested in taking on the Irish justice system. At present the Irish Circuit Courts don’t want to recognize European Directives and by doing so are letting themselves open to future expensive law suits. People have had enough and not going to put up with it anymore. Even though the High Court Ruled last year that the Circuit Court has no juristiction to repossess a family home however it is still happening every day ignoring their own rulings.

People are starting to fight back and take on these Vulture funds and hold them responsible for the illegal actions of their predecessors who are now defunked. Our own high street banks which we the tax payer bailed out have also been using illegal actions to repossess family homes . To date we have a 100% success rate in catching out banks over charging their loyal customers on their mortgage accounts . It’s fraud at the highest level and we encourage people to sue them for compensation and make them pay because they have got away with this criminal practice for far too long.